Pets by the Numbers: 55 Pets Statistics and Facts

by: Hermina Drah
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Whether your pet is your best friend or just a member of the family (or both!), chances are you would do anything for your furry companion. Unlike human beings, pets never ask too many annoying questions. and they’re always available for cuddles. Also, they’re excellent listeners and are super excited to see you every single day.

Without further ado, whether you have a cat, dog, bird, guinea pig, bunny, or reptile, this article will provide you with the most relevant and fun statistics and facts you need to know.

The Top 10 Pet Statistics:

  • Owning a dog may decrease the risk of heart disease-related death by 36%.
  • Around 10% of pet owners are allergic to their pets.
  • There are around 5,000–7,000 tigers kept as pets in the United States.
  • 94% of families with an autistic child reported that their child bonded with the pet and that it helped with the mental disorder.
  • Pet stats show that around 44% of people would rather cuddle up with their pet than with their life partner.
  • There are more than 200 million stray dogs in the world.
  • It’s estimated that around 2 million animals die in shelters every year.
  • Around 9% of healthy, adoptable dogs were euthanized in 2017 in Canadian shelters.
  • Around 90% of lost pets are found within 12 hours if the owner is searching for them.
  • In 29% of cases, people abandon their pets because their place of residence does not allow pets.

Take a look at many more pet statistics in and after the following infographic where we break down all the fun stats and facts you should know about your little friends!

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