Kepley K9 Shelter and Rescue Outreach


Every year, more than 3 million dogs find their way to shelters, where conditions often deprive them of the “outdoor” and natural scents dogs have characteristically “sniffed” throughout their evolution. It would follow that the absence of these scents – often replaced with strong disinfectants and kennel cleaning chemicals - could combine to diminish a dog’s ability to differentiate between indoor and outside spaces. For dogs that do find a home, one of the leading causes of relinquishment back to shelters is house soiling.

We believe Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant can help humans orient their newly adopted rescues to clearly distinguish being indoors from being outside through our olfactory science. Simply placing a drop on the dog’s paw before going outside provides a specific plume of organics and botanicals that stimulate a dog’s olfactory and gastric systems. In short, it’s a backyard in a bottle that can reassure even an anxious rescue when given access to a safe, appropriate space for relief – lessening the risk of an indoor accident with every application.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Kepley BioSystems donated a bottle of Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant to participating shelters and rescues for every bottle sold to accompany newly adopted dogs. We have had the privilege of working with area shelters in North Carolina to acquaint dogs to the product. While we hope to continue these efforts once the pandemic has passed, Kepley has implemented a 40% price reduction to help every indoor dog owner and essential worker make the most of their exercise together, allow more control while social distancing, reduce overall exposure by providing the scent cues dogs seek while "sniff searching" - and spend more time walking during every walk.


We are proud to be working with the SPCA of the Triad and their operations in Greensboro, North Carolina. The team at the SPCA of the Triad follow an inspired mission to rescue and care for animals, educate the community about proper animal care, and promote the practice of spaying and neutering to combat pet over-population and needless suffering. Most impressive is their inspiring message that "respect" is deserved by each and every animal.

You can learn more about the SPCA of the Triad by clicking here to visit their website.

Abby joined the Kepley team for the summer of 2019 as an undergraduate attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She took the lead in connecting to shelters, learning how they operate, and finding ways that Kepley K9 can help with their hectic schedules. Abby ultimately helped us collaborate with a local area shelter to study Kepley K9 in that setting while walking rescues! And she was our lead author to publish what we all learned in a veterinary journal!

The Kepley team partnered with the SPCA of the Triad to evaluate the performance of the Kepley K9 in a shelter setting over the course of several weeks in 2019.  The study showed that one drop of the botanical product applied to each dog’s paw when released to relieve itself each morning reduced the total morning routine time on the kennel staff time by 50% and allowed more time for the dogs to play and socialize.

Continued use gradually shortened the dogs’ defecation times, and all responded as expected. Given that the product was used upon daily release from cages and enclosures in this study, such trends suggested improved canine awareness of “indoors” versus “outdoors” that could be reinforced after adoption with at-home use.

The results of the study were published in the Journal of Animal Health and Behavioural Sciences and is available to read online.

Kepley BioSystems president, Anthony Dellinger (right), presents SPCA of the Triad Director, Kimberly White (center), and kennel staff member, Kevin Dixon (left), with a plaque of the published research to celebrate the combined efforts necessary to perform the study.

Handling rescue dogs in a shelter can be a great deal of hard and time-consuming effort, especially given the limited resources and time available to a shelter each day. With the help of the SPCA of the Triad, the Kepley team sought to understand the daily operations of the shelter and how utilizing Kepley K9 could alleviate hardships and save some valuable time. Over an 8-week period, the studies were performed with resident dogs going through their daily routines first as a baseline to understand the time and rigors involved and then with Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Solution applied to record the differences. The dogs treated with Kepley K9 (represented by the gray diamonds) experienced regularly shortened and predictable elimination routines compared to the untreated studies (indicated by the red circles).

When considered across the total of the morning routine, the results suggest that the use of Kepley K9, including the time to administer it, could reduce the amount of time required to manage defecation by more than 50% for every 10 dogs in a kennel setting. The more predictable, rapid elimination would not only help ensure that the dogs successfully relive themselves before being returned to their crates or enclosures, but regular use can also enable shelter workers more time to allow the dogs additional socialization or exercise rather than spending it with the normal stops and starts and uncertain timing of defecation. A more rapid, predictable routine could also minimize crate soiling (and consequent cleaning burdens) with a more efficient approach to more dogs in less time upon arrival in the morning, when most animals need immediate attention.


Russel: The Journey of a Good Boy

Russel, a 9-year-old Labrador-mix, was an important participant of the Kepley K9 study in the summer of 2019. By this time, Russel had been a resident in the care of the SPCA of the Triad for nearly two years. Despite his extended stay, the passionate crew at the SPCA of the Triad saw his playful and loving nature and knew that Russel would make the perfect companion for someone in time. A few months after the study concluded, the Laborador-mix was matched with a person suffering from severe post traumatic stress disorder. Russel's empathetic nature allows him to sense when his owner is on the verge of an episode, and he will curl up beside them offering compassion and comfort to lessen intensity and duration the distress.

Russel has since been certified as a fully-fledged emotional support dog and is considered by the SPCA of the Triad to be one of their "greatest happy endings". Good boy, Russel!

Due to current events, the shelter outreach program has temporarily suspended until further notice. However, we remain interested in speaking to people within the shelter or rescue system. If you, or someone you know, works with a shelter or rescue and feel like Kepley K9 would be a good fit for your organization, please contact us using the form below or email us at

One of our team members will reach out to you as soon as possible.