Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Kepley K9?

Kepley K9 is a brand of Kepley BioSystems Inc, experts in animal olfactory behavior. The Kepley BioSystems team, being entirely comprised of dog lovers, have brought their expansive chemosensory research to the field of companion animals with a mission to provide effective solutions to issues faced by dog owners to improve the health and wellbeing of their pets. The first Kepley K9 innovation is Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant.

What is Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant?

Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant is a canine excretion aid. Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant provides your dog with the chemosensory odors they are typically searching for before engaging in bowel evacuation. This allows your dog to immediately focus on this task in a world of abundant distractions, reducing what can be a stressful routine and allowing more time for walks and bonding.


Where can Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant be purchased?

The Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant Daily Maintenance formulation is now available at If you would like to see it on the shelves of local pet stores, please inquire with your local retailer about stocking Kepley K9 products.

How does Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant work?

In searching and sniffing before elimination, dogs can be easily preoccupied by a myriad of odors, sounds, and sights other than the gastrointestinal-stimulating molecules typically sought to “inspire” relief from a full colon. These particular molecules are becoming decreasingly present in today’s urban environment and virtually absent in indoor spaces.  Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant provides an innocuous plume of botanicals and organics that signal the impulse to relieve the dog’s colon and reduces time-consuming diversions.

What are the Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant ingredients?

Ingredients: Deionized water; proprietary botanicals and organics equivalent to 0.01 mg/mL (0.03 mg/ml in Extra Strength formulations); preservative (0.01%).

Kepley K9 active ingredients are derivatives of amino acids of organic origin. The proprietary formulation of botanical molecules simulates the naturally occurring chemosensory particles that stimulate canine defecation.

How is Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant used?

Shake well before use.

Place one (1) drop on dog's front paw.

Immediately allow access to relief location.

Allow for proper outdoor time.

Frequency of administration should be determined based on the dog’s individual feeding and normal bowel elimination habits.

Is Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant safe to use?

Yes. Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant is intended for external use on housebroken/indoor dogs six months of age or older and is safe when used as directed. The product is formulated to rapidly evaporate from the dog’s paw, and exposure from incidental licking is harmless. With routine use, most dogs grow confident with prompt excretion.

How long will my dog smell the Kepley K9 molecules after application?

The scents provided by Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant are aimed at focusing a dog’s attention and satisfying the neurobiological sensory stimuli that direct elimination whenever the dog has a full bowel, generally decided by the animal's daily routine. After exposure to the product, the dog’s olfactory cortex recognizes Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant's combination of molecules and signals the dog’s gastrointestinal biology in order to facilitate bowel relief. This informational stimulus is terminated upon satisfaction of the "scent search" and completion of your pet’s elimination routine.

While the formulation will typically evaporate within 8-10 minutes of application, lingering smells may persist and be detected by the dog even after elimination depending on the time that elapsed between administration of Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant and your pet's elimination. While at the olfactory and brain level, stimulus may still be perceived after elimination. However, the animal can simply and cognitively "decide" to no longer pay attention to the molecules associated with the elimination scent search. Your pet will filter and ignore any ancillary sensory input received by Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant and shift focus towards other surrounding environmental olfactory stimuli.

Can Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant be used for housebreaking training in puppies?

No. Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant is not intended for use as a training tool for housebreaking as puppy olfactory capabilities have not been fully characterized by Kepley or other investigators. The product is for use in dogs six months in age or older.

What does Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant smell like?

Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant was formulated specifically for dogs. Due to far superior canine olfactory capabilities, Kepley K9 scent is nearly unnoticed by human applicants. In blind smell trials, less than 5% of users were able to detect any noticeable smells associated with Kepley K9. If you happen to accidentally spill Kepley K9 on yourself or a surface in your house, simply clean the area with soap and water and you should experience no linger scents.

Will Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant stain white or lighter colored fur?

No, Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Formula does not stain lighter coated dogs. When applied to the paw, the product may leave a temporary dark mark on your dog's fur. This is normal and is simply the organic botanical components in the formulation. This will naturally wear away as your dog walks and the product evaporates.

Is Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant a laxative?

No. Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant should be used in keeping with the dog’s normal feeding and bowel elimination schedule; it is not, nor intended to be used as a laxative. A dog cannot evacuate its bowel if a normal digestion period has not elapsed and/or without digested food present in the colon.

How was Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant developed?

The science behind Kepley K9 products stems from the olfactory research performed by Kepley BioSystems with support from the National Science Foundation. The Kepley BioSystems team found that the discoveries derived from that investigation possessed universal applications that could be thoughtfully developed into solutions beyond the initial research. Being devoted dog lovers themselves, the Kepley BioSystems team began work on adapting the research to solve issues that faced the companion animal market. Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant is the first such development and has published article regarding initial findings, Olfactory Mediation of Canine Gastrointestinal Neurobiology, in the open-access Journal of Animal Science and Behavioural Science. The publication can be read online by clicking this link.


Where is Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant made?

Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant is manufactured by Kepley BioSystems in Greensboro North Carolina, USA. The product is comprised of US-sourced ingredients from sustainable supply lines.


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